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Tourism the Most Beautiful Communication Campaigns and Advertisements of Recent Years


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In today's society advertising is everywhere. In the street, on television, in the media, on the computer, on the telephone: advertising messages are now part of our daily lives. With the holidays approaching, it is tourism companies that invest totally in marketing. Is it still possible for them to mark the spirits of travelers? Some actually manage to stand out. Here is our top 5 of the most beautiful tourism advertisements and tourism communication campaigns of recent years. 1 – easyjet is displayed in bordeaux every year, in february, the grand prix for outdoor communication rewards the best urban billboard advertisements . In 2019, the buzzman agency and easyjet are the big winners. 

A slogan promotes the airline in the heart of the city of bordeaux. It takes advantage of the work of the bordeaux gironde cci to place a tarpaulin in the company's colors on the scaffolding. A sentence is inscribed there, at first glance incomprehensible. Then, you have to contemplate the reflection in the water mirror of the place de la [b][url=]Whatsapp phone number list[/url][/b] bourse to read: “ bordelais, the sky is at your feet ”. Best tourism advertising easyjet bordeaux top advertising tourism easyjet bordeaux to inaugurate its 30 new destinations departing from bordeaux, easyjet is hitting hard with this giant marketing cost. A communication campaign that made people talk about it in bordeaux.


But it was above all its influence on the web that was exceptional. Through a contest to win a return flight to the destination of their choice, more than 3 million people posted a photograph on instagram with the hashtag upside town. A stunning success. 2 – the australian tourist board offers a dream job the best jobs in the world campaign is one of the finest communication and tourism advertising campaigns in recent years. The queensland tourist board initiated the first "season" in 2009, launching a competition to become a guardian of a paradise island on the great barrier reef: a marketing operation that created buzz in the whole world.

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