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The importance of digital marketing in times of crisis

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Economic crises are like storms: unpredictable and often devastating. It's hard to know how she's going to behave and what kind of damage she's going to do. During this period, people, governments and organizations are always looking for the best way to deal with them — safer and more economically viable tactics must be adopted . In terms of marketing strategy, we can say with certainty: digital marketing is a real safe haven for the entrepreneur who fears the crisis. In quite drastic scenarios, we can see empty shopping malls and shopping streets, with no products on the shelves and, of course, stores closing. 

The crisis has relentless effects in the physical world but in the digital world the situation can be much more pleasant. If your company has a strong and consolidated [b][url=]Country Email List[/url][/b] presence on the internet, you can make good use of digital marketing to protect yourself from the harmful effects of the crisis and come out of it virtually unscathed ! Learn about the importance of betting on digital marketing in times of crisis. CONTENT INDEX Why invest in digital marketing in times of crisis? Promote your products and services with an ROI of up to 275% Generating demand even in times of crisis Why invest in digital marketing in times of crisis? The first word that comes to mind during times of crisis is undoubtedly “economy”. 


A venture has many costs rent bills taxes payment of employees and some setbacks that generate expenses that are incompatible with any difficulty. Cutting any of these items, even if it proves necessary, can be very harmful to your business. On the other hand, a virtual store works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, there is no rent, no property tax and no energy bill — in some cases, you only pay for the hosting of the platform (the options are many and with prices very reasonable) and its development (there are ready-made and low-cost templates).

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